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Get More Help: Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet
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Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet is now available as an ebook (PDF) for just $5! Download now!

Memorial and Cremation Jewelry

MEMORY PENDANTS: Quality handcrafted crematory memorial jewelry by award winning artist Linda Huffman. Whether your loss has just occurred or some time has passed, give a lasting remembrance that you, your friends and your family will cherish for a lifetime. A "Memory Pendant" is a beautiful and thoughtful way to celebrate the life and keep the memory alive of a cherished pet, beloved family member, friend or other loved one who has passed away. L. Huffman Studios, Everett, WA 98203, (425) 252-2742, -- or visit
PERFECT MEMORIALS... Providing unique pet cremation urns, pet cremation jewelry, pet caskets and other memorial products up to 50-80% off. Continued support from loyal customers and referrals has helped the company grow to be one of the most well known companies for memorial products. Helping families nationwide since 2001. Call for help: 1-800-979-8767 or visit
WHISPER IN THE HEART - A lovely collection of memorial jewelry and urn pendants, to help you keep a little "something" of your beloved -- close to your heart... forever. The Whisper in the Heart Collection is a type of memorial jewelry (tiny urns, pendants, lockets and keepsakes) that give you something tangible of your beloved pet to hold onto and cherish. I chose to fill my W.I.T.H. Pendant with my beloved Whisper's beautiful white fluff. They are also suitable for cremated remains, hair, feathers, or fur. (Whatever helps you feel closer to your angel.)
MEMORIALS.COM is devoted to helping you create a memorial for any beloved pet. Whether your pet has been cremated or will be memorialized with a traditional burial, has the largest selection of pet memorial products available on the internet today. has a wide selection of pet caskets suitable for any pet, pet headstones and pet memorial rocks. also has an growing selection of pet urns for the cremation ashes of your loved pet that can capture the loving personality of your pet. also offers a variety of beautiful pet memorial jewelry pendants designed to hold tiny amounts of cremation ashes or a picture of your pet. Losing a pet can be a difficult time for any family, and is always available to help make that time as easy as possible, our 5-Star support Team is ready to help.
CREMATIONJEWELRY.COM: A great resource for everything related to cremation jewelry. Buyers should check here before making a purchase to read about everything related to modern memorial jewelry including how to fill your cremation jewelry and keep it looking new for generations to come.
THE MEMORIAL PAW is a very special keepsake for anyone who is mourning the loss of their beloved pet and unconditional best friend. Memorial Paws are white or yellow gold-tone, tri-color enamel and are available as a Pin with a "premium" fastener on the back; a Pendant with a 30" adjustable bead chain; or as a Keychain. Each design is packaged in either a black velvet monogrammed pouch or Rainbow Bridge box and includes the Rainbow Bridge Poem, a condolence message and a sympathy card for a personal written note. (Engraving is also available on pendants and keychains.) There is an appropriate option for anyone... from adult to young child. On the back of each keepsake it says "Forever in my Heart"... a message to carry all the time, keeping close the spirit and love of that wonderful pet. All can be worn, or attached to a purse, backpack, zipper, lapel, etc. AFFORDABLE, ATTRACTIVE & APPROPRIATE! The perfect pet condolence gift. Please visit, or call us at 1-800-806-7648. We will drop ship for you!
MEMORIAL DIAMONDS: For those who have lost a pet, sorrow runs deep. Creating a memorial to honor your pet, and the special place he or she had in your life, can help ease your grief. Now, there's beautiful way to memorialize your cherished companion’s loyal and selfless life -- a memorial diamond. Made from the signature carbon extracted from their hair or cremated ashes, a memorial diamond is a unique way to keep your pet close to you, forever. As with people, no two animals are alike. Because a DNA2Diamond is created from your pet's own signature carbon, your memorial diamond is a most personal, precious and meaningful remembrance. DNA2Diamonds are available in five colors: Blue, Red, Cognac, Yellow-Green, or White and in a variety of cuts and sizes ranging from .10 carats up to 2.0 carats. Learn more by visiting
PSYCHE CREMATION JEWELRY: A professional glass artist with 15+ years experience will create a beautiful hand blown glass memorial pendant with your pet's ashes. Learn more at ~~~Enter code "PETLOSS" at checkout for a 10% discount on your order!~~~
PET CREMATION JEWELRY reminds us that our pets play many roles in our lives – pal, buddy, best friend, member of the family. Their loss is often felt as deeply as the loss of any loved one and pet memorial provides a way to honor that loss. Choosing pet urn jewelry in provides a unique and meaningful way for pet owners to pay their respects to their faithful companions inside a beautiful, personally selected keepsake. Please visit for more details!
GRATEFUL GLASS creates elegantly designed glass cremation jewelry to celebrate and honor the life of a beloved pet. With the utmost care and respect, our skilled artisans encase a small amount of cremated remains within layers of optically pure glass. Every Grateful Glass keepsake is entirely handcrafted ensuring that your memorial will be unique as the animal companion whom it honors. For more information, please visit or call us toll free at 1-888-99-GGLASS.
LOCKED IN ART We provide heirloom quality glass cremation jewelry using precious metal and pyrex glass to honor the loss of your pet. Personalized engraving is available on many memorials we offer. Each cremation keepsake is available in 16 different colors.
SPIRITPIECES: Lovely memorial handmade glass pendants holding a small amount of cremation ash or hair available at These make lovely sympathy and bereavement gifts for those who recently lost loved ones.,
KRISTI KAY DESIGNS provides many beautiful pet loss items. Our items are made from sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. Our feature product is the Rainbow Bridge Paw Necklace. Each necklace is sent gift ready in a black box, organza bag, damask gift bag, and a post card size copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem.,
ASHES TO DIAMONDS: Eterneva is radically redefining the way we memorialize our pets by growing 100% real diamonds from ashes or fur. We believe pets are family, so they deserve a special memorial. From personal updates, to custom engravings, to setting design, to in-person hand deliveries, we go above-and-beyond to ensure this is an incredibly fulfilling experience. Diamonds are grown in white, blue red, pink, purple, black, yellow, and green, starting at $2,400. Contact us for more information or just to see pictures of diamonds grown from our pet friends! (512) 766-5011 • • Austin, Texas

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Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet is now available as an e-book (PDF) for just $5!
Download now!

When a pet dies, you want help... fast!

You'll find it in Moira Allen's Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet. In a book filled with comfort, compassion and support, you'll find the tools and tips you need to:
  • Understand the feelings you're going through -- and find ways to ease the pain
  • "Say good-bye" with memorials, tributes and other coping strategies
  • Help your children and other family members deal with their grief
  • Deal with people who "just don't understand"
  • Help surviving pets cope with the loss of a missing companion
  • Come to terms with the guilt we so often feel when a pet dies
  • Handle the agonizing decision of euthanasia
  • Choose the best and most comforting "final resting place" for your pet
  • Determine when and how to bring a new companion into your home (how soon is too soon?)
  • Improve your chances of recovering a lost or stolen pet
  • Help a friend cope with loss

Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet celebrates nearly 30 years in print -
our expanded Third Edition is available from in Print and Kindle editions!

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