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Attention Counselors, Support Groups, Cemeteries and Crematories

We welcome your listing in our state-by-state guide to pet loss resources. We also provide information on international resources. We currently offer resource listings for pet loss counselors, support groups, hospices, in-home euthanasia services, pet cemeteries and pet crematories. Please note that our free directory is for the above-listed services only. If you wish to advertise a product, such as urns, markers, memorial items, etc., please visit our Advertising Information page.

There is no charge for a "basic" resource directory listing. Simply fill out your name, organization (if different), full address, phone number, e-mail, and website address (if any) on the directory listing form and submit it. Please include exactly the information you wish to have listed. Be sure to include the city and state -- don't assume I'm going to know what state a particular city is located in. If you actively serve more than one state, please let us know, in the "further instructions" box, what other states your listing should be posted under.

If you do not want your address or phone number included in your listing, please inform us of this in the "instructions" text box at the bottom of the form. You can also choose not to display your e-mail address. However... Policy update! Listings must include your e-mail address, even if you don't wish to have it posted. We require an e-mail contact so that we can get in touch with you if we have any questions about your listing. Listings submitted without an e-mail contact will simply be deleted.

Listings are usually posted within two or three days of receipt. You may change, update or remove your listing at any time. If you discontinue your service, please let us know so that we may remove the listing. To change or remove your listing, simply send us an e-mail with the information to be changed or removed. When changing or removing your listing, please be sure to include the state and city under which you are listed. We reserve the right to remove any listing at any time if we receive complaints about an organization or service.

Expanded Listings

We also offer expanded listings in our resource directory. An expanded listing can include up to 100 words of description about your organization or service. Expanded listings are still listed by state and city, but are highlighted with a box. Here's an example of an expanded listing:

Englewood: Dr. Kevin Schlegel has several companion animal and knows how much they can be a part of a family unit. He strives to help individuals of all ages through the difficult transition of losing a companion animal. Dr. Schlegel firmly supports the Dumb Friends League, and donates 25% of the bereavement counseling fee to the Dumb Friends League. Dr. Kevin Schlegel, Total Leadership Consulting, Inc., 56 Inverness Drive East, Suite 107, Englewood, CO, 80112, 303-587-5143,

There is a one-time fee of $25 to post an expanded listing. Again, these listings can be changed at any time. There is no renewal fee. However, if you wish to post an expanded listing on more than one directory page (e.g., Kansas and Missouri) there is a $25 fee for each page.

We do not accept images or logos in directory listings.

For more information, contact Moira Allen.

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We welcome links to the Pet Loss Support Page; there's no need to ask permission. We cannot guarantee a reciprocal link, as we only link to sites that offer a significant amount of information or resources on the subject of pet loss. If you'd like to add our link, you are welcome to use the button at left (or our logo) to accompany the link.

Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet is now available as an e-book (PDF) for just $5!
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  • "Say good-bye" with memorials, tributes and other coping strategies
  • Help your children and other family members deal with their grief
  • Deal with people who "just don't understand"
  • Help surviving pets cope with the loss of a missing companion
  • Come to terms with the guilt we so often feel when a pet dies
  • Handle the agonizing decision of euthanasia
  • Choose the best and most comforting "final resting place" for your pet
  • Determine when and how to bring a new companion into your home (how soon is too soon?)
  • Improve your chances of recovering a lost or stolen pet
  • Help a friend cope with loss

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